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Do I Need an Attorney for a Misdemeanor?

Posted on : August 23, 2017
hiring an attorney for a misdemeanor is strongly recommended
Have you been arrested already? Are you under investigation for a misdemeanor? Don’t blow this situation off as a minor problem- serious penalties may still apply for misdemeanors. You might be thinking that if you have been accused of a misdemeanor crime in Mississippi that you can handle this charge on your own or that [Read More]
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Clearing Your Record and Restoring Your Rights

Posted on : August 22, 2017
Restoration of Rights Project Part of my job as an attorney is to remain up-to-date on new resources my clients can use to familiarize themselves with the legal process.  In my personal attempt to remain up-to-date, I chose to join several organizations which deal with my practice areas.  One of those organizations is the National Association of [Read More]
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An Overview of Critical Felony Charges in Mississippi

Posted on : July 22, 2017
criminal defense mississippi
A Look Into Critical Felony Charges in MS What happens when you’re facing felony charges in Mississippi? You have a limited period of time in which to act to protect your rights, and a dedicated lawyer can help you uncover all the facts you need to craft a compelling defense. Misdemeanor and felony charges can [Read More]
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